How To Be Successful With ClickFunnels

Whether you’re considering investing in ClickFunnels or you’re already a proud ClickFunnels customer, here are a couple of tips and tools to help ensure your success and achieve whatever goal(s) you’re trying to reach with using it.

So, there are two main paths that people choose to go down in regards to ClickFunnels…

Those that actively use the tool (these are the marketers who strive to achieve the Two Comma Club)

And then those who are primarily interested in promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate and earning passive recurring income.

There are a handful of marketers who have achieved the Two Comma Club as well as qualified for the Dream Car Contest, however, most people tend to choose one direction or the other.

FUN FACT: There are actually more Two Comma Club winners than there are Dream Car Contest winners

How To Become A ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Winner

While there are many niches and kinds of funnels the majority of marketers that are crushing it with ClickFunnels and going from almost nothing to over seven figures in a relatively short amount of time are doing it with high ticket webinars.

And rather than making you have to figure out all the tools that you’ll need in order to create your own high converting webinar, I’m going to give you a blueprint that’s going to help save you lots of time.

The first tool you will need is obviously ClickFunnels, however I would highly encourage you to invest in a special offer ClickFunnels has called Funnel Hacks.

Invest In ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Special Offer

Funnel Hacks is going to give you a significant discount on your ClickFunnels subscription as well as tons of other bonuses, one of which is crucial to your success webinars called The Perfect Webinar.

Now, as a alternative you can just invest in a regular ClickFunnels account and pick up The Perfect Webinar by investing in all the products in this Perfect Webinar offer funnel (it’s very important that you invest in all the upsells though if you go this route because you really want access to the videos that explain and walk you through The Perfect Webinar and exactly how to copy the framework to craft your own high-converting webinar)

So far you’ve invested in ClickFunnels (the tool that you’re going to use to tie everything together: sales funnel, take payment, possibly host your digital product or membership site)…

And you’ve also picked up The Perfect Webinar, which is the blueprint for how to create your webinar (and I promise with this template you can be a complete newbie when it comes to copywriting and it will still come out amazing)

Next you’re going to need your sales funnel.

Now, ClickFunnels comes with a number of sales funnel templates, however I recommend starting with this FREE webinar sales funnel template (the same sales funnel used for the Funnel Hacks webinar)

In addition to the FREE webinar sales funnel template you will need some extra code to create top of the hour automated webinar countdown that you see on the Funnel Hacks webinar optin page.

This doesn’t come out of the box with ClickFunnels, so to get that code you’ll need to invest in CF Pro Tools.

There is a tutorial video inside the CF Pro Tools membership area that will show you how to add the top of the hour automated webinar countdown to your sales funnel.

We’re almost done.

So, now that you’ve got all the tools that you need to achieve Two Comma Club status, the last piece of the puzzle is how to get your offer in front of laser-targeted leads.

And the fastest way to do that is to master at least one paid traffic platform…however there are several.

So, whether you’re considering AdWords, YouTube Ads, Facebook, etc. the resource I recommend where you can learn all of these platforms is a site called AdSkills.

AdSkills covers everything from: Twitter to Instagram to Native Ads…basically any type of massive ad network you’re trying to master they’ve got it.

So, start with one network. Master it. And then scale up by mastering another one. And repeat.

That’s how to achieve Two Comma Club status in the shortest possible time.

  1. Create a high ticket webinar offer
  2. Send targeted paid traffic to that offer (dialing in your offer and message until you hit seven figures)

How To Become A ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest Winner

The great news about promoting ClickFunnels is that you don’t have to be a customer in order to be an affiliate (however I would highly recommend that you become a customer since it will definitely help you be a more successful affiliate)

Now, it’s perfectly fine to start out as just an affiliate. And once you’re earning enough to cover the cost of your ClickFunnels subscription (not very hard to do) then you can invest in it…you can do it that way.

OR another really simple strategy that I recommend is just going ahead and signing  up for the Etison Suite (the top ClickFunnels plan) Рbut WHY?!!

Here’s why…

So, with the $97/month plan you can only have up to 20 active funnels in your account – with Etison Suite it’s unlimited everything.

The reason this is important when it comes to being an affiliate is because one of the most dead simple ways to promote and market ClickFunnel is by using “share funnels”.

What Are Share Funnels?

Share funnels give you the ability to share an entire custom funnel with any other ClickFunnels member.

But if that person isn’t already a ClickFunnels user they will first be prompted to setup a new ClickFunnels account.

And if they continue to remain a paying customer, you will get credit for that referral every single month.

The best part…they don’t even have to be your original funnels!

You can import FREE share funnels into your account, reshare them, and still get credit for the referral – pretty awesome, huh?

So, first go ahead and sign up for an Etison Suite account…

Invest In ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan

Next, you can head over to this page where we’ve collected all the best FREE ClickFunnels share funnels, and add them ALL to your account.

Then, you can just share them for free all over the Internet: Facebook groups, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc.

And in order to scale your ClickFunnels affiliate commissions and accelerate your path towards qualifying for the Dream Car Contest, there are several other marketing methods you can use.

Personally, I achieved Dream Car status by using simple SEO strategies, which I teach inside my course SEO Affiliate Domination.

And several of my fellow Dream Car Contest buddies used both a combination of search engine optimization along with some paid traffic strategies like YouTube video ads and Bing advertising.

So, those are some simple blueprints you can follow based on whatever your specific goals are with ClickFunnels.

I never like to just blindly recommend a product or service without giving people a clear plan of action for how to succeed with it.

Hopefully you found this information useful.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on Facebook.

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